About jewelry care

Since we take care of our skin, hair, nails, we recommend taking care of jewelry as well. Why? To make them last longer :)
High quality gilding guarantees a long life for jewelry, but it is also important to take care of them properly, so Sauja Dimantu is recommended:
✔️Store in a velvet jewelry bag;
❌Try not to blow the parfume on them;

If the jewelry needs to be removed at some point (to change jewelry over the evening or somenthing else) and there is nowhere to store it, be sure not to put it in a wallet or cosmetic bag - it will scratch the jewelry quickly. It is better to wrap them in a napkin or put them in an empty bag pocket.

Remember very simple everyday tricks to make your jewelry last longer:
✔️store them in a dry, dark place (cloth jewelry bag, jewelry box, etc .;
✔️keep them as far away from water or moisture as possible;
✔️remove them before going to bed, shower, bath, or physical activity;
✔️after removal, clean them with a cloth or dry cloth;
✔️Try to avoid jewelry coming into contact with fragrances, body lotions, household chemicals, etc. substances.

👑 If you treat your jewelry like princesses, they will shine and delight your and others' eyes for a long time!


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