What is "Gold Plated"

Are you looking for good quality gold jewelry, but do you think real gold is just a little too expensive? Jewelry with gold is the perfect solution! Gold-plated jewelry looks like a real gold version, but is much more affordable. Below we explain exactly what is plated:

Jewelry plated with gold is a metal piece of jewelry with a layer of another metal on top, in this case liquid gold. They neutralize water and kill allergy-causing microorganisms. Because the gold plating layer is very thin, jewelry plated with gold is much more affordable than jewelry made of real gold. An additional protective layer is also applied to the gold plating to ensure optimal protection of the jewelry against scratches and damage. That is why they retain their shine, do not scratch. does not remain 'black', does not cause an allergic reaction, and the most commonly used stone in gilded jewelry - cubic zirconia, retains its luster for a long time.

In our online store you will find gold-plated rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and jewelry sets.

How to keep gold plated jewelry beautiful?

How long your gilded jewelry stays beautiful depends on various factors. For example, the thickness of the gold plating or external influences such as rain. It is important that you take good care of your jewelry and handle it with care. Be sure to store your jewelry neatly and store it in a closed, dark place, such as a jewelry box or bag. You can also use the beautiful velvet jewelry bag that you will receive when ordering jewelry from us. Here are some tips to make your jewelry beautiful. Remove jewelry:

  • taking a shower, swimming or washing your hands. Gilding is sensitive to water and chlorine;
  • and do not put them back until your hands are dry if you come into contact with chemical products such as detergent;
  • spraying perfume or hairspray;
  • if applying a lotion or body cream;
  • during exercise. Sweat negatively affects the gold coating and its color;
  • while sleeping. If you are a long sleeper, be sure to remove the earrings, because during sleep the earlobe may stretch, you will not even feel it.

How does it all start?

Rūta, the creator of "Handful of Diamonds", says: "About 8 years ago I pierced holes in my ears. Yes, for myself. Yes, so late. I lived without it for a long time, but then I realized that clothes, or a grand evening ... But, as a young woman, finances forbade the purchase of new gold earrings, I discovered on ebay and sent a whole bunch of earrings - small, big, heavy, light, white, black, gold, silver, plastic, with crystals , without crystals and it could go on, BUT ... only then did I find out that I have an allergy from ordinary jewelry. A girlfriend from London discovered a wide world for me with gold-plated earrings, I was working on shipping again, and I couldn't order a lot of these beautiful, luxurious, sparkling and high-quality earrings again. - None of the au touches did not cut my ears, did not cause inflamed and sore ears. But here again the next thought - I have ordered SO MUCH that I will not be able to wear it in half a lifetime. I offer girlfriends, agreed. And the feedback from them, and even from their little girls, was so good, because the genuine joy was that the earrings I gave did not cause allergies, as well as that they are very comfortable, do not lose their luster and "do not stay black", with what we women understand are poor quality jewelry. I do not remove this type of jewelry myself when going for a swim, at night, in the shower, in the solarium, etc., which I do not recommend, but once again I make sure that they are of high quality and do not lose their good abilities. So, trying these 8 years, testing, first of all, on myself, because my ears are still allergic, carefully choosing earrings again and again I realize that I can only wear these - gilded earrings, so it is a sin not to offer them to you, dear ladies! Complementing the range with rings, bracelets, jewelry sets, chains and other jewelry of this type. You have to share with the right, and more - for such a friendly price :)


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